Why are the classic methods of prospecting in the cold market dying and how to proceed now?


We will go through some information together and everything will be related to the fact that the world has changed ...

Traditional methods of building a network marketing business, such as spending hours on the cold market, attending or supporting hotel meetings, taking recommendations from those who refuse to try to change friends and family in business partners are completely outdated.

The "classic prospect for the business," as taught, is dead. This outdated sales strategy is still in use, only by those who are not yet ready to learn or have not yet discovered internet recruitment methods or so-called marketing by attraction.

Wait a minute and think ... compare the social environment of today with what it was 15 years ago. Today people are invaded by information, marketing and endless options that they have thanks to the internet. Big corporations, corporations, have actually turned us into numbers, followed our purchasing habits, classified our interests ... and use this information to create offers that we can put before our eyes.

There have been created: industries, products, new laws to protect the client from the information wave that comes over him - think of: spyware protections, pop-up blocking software, anti-spam filters. People have had to build walls around them so they can keep all this information from all this marketing, but they just try to put their hands in their pockets.

Any request (prospecting, selling) is detested and treated with frustration and impatience. We simply do not want to be disturbed, which means that every single person in the mind would ask if he wants to build his business using the classic methods of prospecting and selling.

However, the Internet has created a whole new world of opportunity, for everyone, you just have an idea and you can turn it into a business, investing very little or no money. Surely, you're thinking about taking advantage of this trend, otherwise you would not be watching this video.

Unfortunately, 95% of those starting a business - will fail, and the main reason is that they do not give them time to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this modern and competitive world.

However, in mind, let me share with you some of the painful lessons I have learned in recent years.

The key to success in the world of today's marketing is as follows: If you intend to sell something to anyone (anyone), you will need to find a way to invite them as a welcome guest in their world and not an unwanted one. And you have two options when talking about building your business:

You can use number playing and traditional search methods, that is to contact enough people until you can make a sale or recruit someone - and this tactic is used by 95% of networkers (business owners)


Learn to position yourself in the market, so prospects interested in finding you and contacting you.

Obviously, the second variant is superior in all respects, and is the key to the concept of marketing by attraction. It is very important who - whom he / she finds and who - whom he / she contacts first. In the first option, you are the one who "hunts" the prospectus. In the second option, the prospectus "hunts" you, which means you perceive yourself as an expert, and you have all the power and value in this situation.

Basically, the prospectus has invited you into his world, and he asks you to sell your products or services. This eliminates all the barriers and walls that all other business owners, your competition, have to break down. Moreover, suddenly, it's not about selling. Now you are in the position of the expert (the consultant) whose knowledge and services have been searched and tracked.

You probably ask yourself now: And how do I do that?

Simple ... the strongest weapon you have in your arsenal, you are - if there are countless opportunities in this world, you are certainly unique.

In recent years, I have studied human psychology carefully, and I may be surprised at what I am going to tell you: attraction between people is not a choice, it is a biological response. By learning how to change these attractions in us, we will automatically start to attract others.

The strongest triggers are "value" and "status." We humans are programmed to feel attracted to people who have the same value and status as ours or older. We respond in this way, because by any relationship we create or association, we seek to obtain morefull power. When you associate yourself with a person with a higher status than yours, your value and status grow. New oporunities and new doors open. Find out new things that are reserved only for that closed circle in which you entered. New alliances and partnerships with other powerful people can be completed. This is why you participate weekly at the meeting your sponsor supports, from the desire to learn the secrets of successful people. This is why you are idolizing the leaders who speak on stage, at your company's events, or try to stay as close as possible to hearing what they are talking about. That's why you stand up and applaud when your company's CEO speaks. These people have something valuable to offer and associate with them, you will gain more power. That's how I've been forever programmed, and if you have difficulty in recruiting your business, you now know why. I was glad to think that recruitment is about playing the numbers, the perfect script, the right words. But no matter how hard I tried to recruit in the cold market, nothing happened until I understood the difference between myself and the other leaders who sponsored dozens of new prospects each month. The big difference was that those leaders had value in the eyes of their prospects, and more, they knew how to convey this value in the marketing they were applying. Prospectors felt value and were attracted to them. They wanted to work with them and felt privileged to be part of their team - because they knew how much power they got from that partnership. So, what did I mean with that? If you fail to recruit new partners in your business, if your prospects do not return your phones, or do not answer your emails, is because you still do not have any value in their eyes. I do not feel you have anything to offer ... And it's okay. We all start somewhere, but if you want to be really successful in this industry, you have to change the situation you are in. The best way to increase your value in the eyes of others in this area is to I've spent almost one year buying any course I've been able to do about online marketing, copywriting, and personal development. And in less than a year and a half, I had so many things to offer my prospect that the recruitment process has become pleasant, efficient and easy, always remember that if you want to easily recruit in your business, you need to increase your value in the eyes of your prospects by increasing your level of knowledge and applying everything you learn. Buy any book and any course, because in this way you will gain new knowledge and skills, and you will increase your value in the eyes of your prospects. The success in network marketing has nothing to do with applications that send messages to you, or scripts or lists contacts from those who refused you. I could give you all these things, but in the end you will realize that if you do not have value in the eyes of your prospects, you will not be able to build teams or acquire new customers. And that leads us to the second part of this big puzzle. There is this marketing cliché that I have met over 2 years ago ... Practically, these two sentences have had a radical impact on my business .... And they are critical if you want to successfully promote your business in Nowadays.