Based on the real statistics and real figures of the economy, it can clearly be said that in the biggest economic crisis, which has characterized the last few years, direct sales, network marketing networks have been steadily rising.

The turnover of MLM companies has increased tremendously from year to year.

These companies offer millions of people a lifelong lifestyle besides the fact that the products sold have improved the quality of life of many people around the world.

The trend of the market is clear towards online sales and purchases on the internet, so web stores are making more and more significant sales.

Of course, we can not deny that there are negative opinions about MLM business and networking due to the fact that many people have had negative experiences with pyramid games dressed in MLM coats.

That is why it is necessary to make a difference between a Network Marketing company, which sells real products in a multi-level system and one that promises fast enrichment without work.

When there is no real product, or there are products of no importance, when the earnings come from the enrollment fee, then you should become suspects!

What are the criteria to look for when choosing MLM?

• The company must be at least 10 years old on the market.

• Company data to be public.

• The business figure shows growth.

• The company can be contacted by anyone in any country, including Romania.

• Have their own customer service, there is a possibility of making complaints.

• Logistics should be put in place, commissions paid up to date.

• Drivers to be available.

• The company should be legal and comply with the laws.

• The marketing plan is easy to understand, predictable, fair, inspired and achievable. Do not include constraints on the basis of which members are required to buy the products even if they do not need them even if they can not afford it.

Why is DXN one of the best MLM companies?

The star product of the company is Ganoderma coffee.

After coffee water is the most consumed drink and the second most sold product, after oil.

According to experts, even in times of war and crisis there are 4 things that can certainly be sold:




the coffee.

Thus, the coffee market will never disappear, but rather is growing.

More and more people take care of health, choose healthy products and choose healthy coffee in exchange for low-quality, low-quality coffee.

In such a global trend, DXN is being attached to the wellness industry, which includes: preventing disease, maintaining health, preventing premature aging, cure for slimming, diet and healthy eating, and dietary supplements.

Selling-buying online as well as online work at home may be called all the trends, and who does not keep up, stays behind!

DXN was established in 1993 by Dato'dr. Lim Siow Jin, graduate of the renowned university, India Institute of Technology.

Today, the company has become a global presence with local offices in 48 countries, but product dissemination has expanded around the world.

The company has over 6 million registered members, of which more than 20,000 are physicians.

It is one of the most important MLM companies in the Asian region, and is ranked 24th in the world and, according to recent estimates, due to its rapid expansion in Europe, is likely to be among the top ten.

The European market was opened in 2009, and since then every year, many countries join it.

Certificates of bio-certification, prizes, awards are recognized all over the world!

All products are approved for sale in open markets.

DXN products are not an extra cost to the family, it's just a brand change in the field of hygiene, non-alcoholic beverages, and dietary supplements.

At present, there are more than 50 DXN products on the Romanian market, of which premium coffee represents the bulk of sales.

DXN Cafes contain 100% arabic coffee, palm butter, vegetable powder, are sweetened with cane sugar, free from flavorings and artificial sweeteners.

Do you want to keep up with the trend of the market? Do you want to build a business in the wellness industry?

Become a DXN partner today and build a profitable business from the comfort of your home!