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In the next few seconds, I will reveal to you 5 THE MOST LARGEST MINUTES OF OUR INDUSTRY. Lies that make you or have made you jam, get rid of yourself and cash a financial minimum in an industry where you could win an AWERE.

My name is Ioana Bălănescu.

I started in this area, in the desire to free myself from the corporate world. I simply did not see myself working 14 hours a day, every day, for the next 40 years.

7 years ago I discovered the network marketing industry, I fell in love with the possibility of personal and financial freedom and decided to become a professional in this field.

In less than a year and a half we built a team of nearly 2,000 people and I was able to resign from my corporation. Sure, it was not easy, we built and we lost big teams, we cashed and we lost big amounts of money. I did everything I needed to reach my goals ...

When my daughter appeared in our lives, I had to re-prioritize my time - I began to look for solutions (levers) that would build my business at the same level, or even better, but less time involved.

That's how we discovered the power of internet and marketing by attraction, and since then we have helped dozens of people learn to recruit as a NINJA with the help of the internet without consuming their time exploring the wrong people without having to refuse or be forced into the cold market. Finally, they have regained their enthusiasm and found it may be fun to build a network marketing business.

Obviously, things have not always been pink.


When I started in 2010, I was told:

to make a list of at least 100 contacts

to invite everyone to see the business

to invite my friends at home and my sponsor to show them the opportunity

to prospect and recruit anyone, anytime, anyway

to meet with them on lunch break and to draw circles on paper

the more NUs you get, the closer you are to a DA

I did all these things ... in less than a year I finished my hot market, lost a lot, so my friends, I did not have evenings, I did not have weekends, I worked from morning till evening in the corporation and then, until late at night for my network marketing business ... I was looking for the freedom of time and money and now I had no time or money left.

Things were far worse than they saw from outside ...

Although I thought I was successful, the reality was that I had started to make a lot of debts, I had no time for anything, I felt exhausted, frustrated, and without a way out.

All the refusals, meetings in hotels, cafes, restaurants, the endless hours of driving around town, the family who was looking at me mercifully, friends who did not talk to me anymore because I was involved in pyramid schemes ... they were draining me.

You know what I'm talking about?

And after all, what I wanted from my network marketing business was ...

to have more time

to earn more money

to pay off my loans to banks sooner

to resign

But I actually had to feel hopeless, totally discouraged. I felt I could not even have one prospect.

I could not sleep at night any more, I had no energy, my self-esteem had completely deteriorated, I was almost depressed. I was so close to giving up ... but the thought of going back, and from where I left and doing the same things for the next 40 years, to be still a face in the crowd, coming out of the subway in the morning, a cage for 12-14 hours and a stranger to my children, I was completely mad.

I felt like in a boat full of holes, in which water came in, I also had a tied anchor that did not allow me to forward ... somehow as if I was seeing the island somewhere there, but I was desperate that I did not know what and how to get to it.

So I started