Life tips for pragmatic people


1). There is no shame in recognizing that chaos persists in your life and that you need clarification. People who notice this and take action in time are those people who often find that they are the support they needed.

2). The longer you live, the days become shorter, the years become months, and the months are now days. Weeks turned into hours, and you began to sleep less and less.

3). As you grow up, you will understand that a house is a building, home is a feeling.

4). Children are beautiful and pure. Do everything in your power to keep things that way.

5). What you do not accept from your partner at the beginning of the relationship will end the relationship sooner or later.

6). A sexual act can ruin a lifetime friendship.

7). Accept life tips from people whose lives have proven to be a failure. Contrary to appearances, they have accumulated a wide range of life experiences. So, their tips extracted from their experiences can provide you with effective solutions to your problems.

8). Any activity you realize that has ceased to bring you joy or enthusiasm buries you gradually, that is, slowly and surely. Get rid of her, do other things. Choose differently to be happy.

9). Whatever people have told you that you have to do, you do not have to do, and whatever you feel doing is good to do. No people are responsible for your happiness, you are the author and the main character in the story of your life.

10). If you are not convinced that the one you are doing is the best thing you can do, give up doing it.

11). If you have something to say about which you are convinced that needs to be said, make yourself heard, shout out loud and do not be afraid to write on your blog ideas and tips. They will encourage many.

12). Do not build a page with an unknown author, for fear of the opinions of friends who have known you since childhood. This way you will waste your life and skill. People are free to believe what they want, and everyone's opinion is the sum of the training he has received. Of the people around you (even the people who love you) 97% do not have their own beliefs about life, mysteries, and universes. They just carry forward ideas that do not belong to them, which their helpless minds have succeeded in accepting, even if they have not understood them or are not proven.

13). He does not accept anything as true just because a person you respect or owe him told you. You are free to color your destiny with your own nuances.

14). People who disagree with the ideas they develop in the Books available do not have any better explanations, arguments or beliefs, but do not accept them from envy or foolishness. They do not think, they create, they do not inspire, they do not enjoy and they have no achievements. They just hate, destroy, despise and criticize, reactions born out of frustration and self-complacency.

15). Do not try to explain something to a person who in reality does not intend to understand you, but just provokes you to waste your energy and time. You do not need to be in the first place, no one is.

16). Someone told me I was writing too much. I said I did not write too much, some people read too little.

17). Do not read as much as possible, read as carefully as possible books.

18). If you need approvals from people to dress a certain kind of clothes or wear a new pair of shoes, you are in trouble, and your personality has once been affected and you will suffer.

19). Do not seek to organize your outer life so as not to kill the adventure or the mystery of it. Try instead to feed your spirit. That's where the chaos that kills your chances is gone, and it's all over your head.

20). Do not try to live your life in such a way as to please everyone but you. People are becoming more and more pretentious and less and less appreciate people. Following this goal, you will remain at the test stage, and in the end you will drown.

21). Do not write, love or live for money; with money you will be able to do all this. There are few people who confuse the purpose with the tools.

22). In this world everything is about you and the whole world is spinning around you. But do not look at this truth in terms of selfishness, embracing the idea that you are the navel of the Earth and that others are just spectators. Every man is the navel of the earth for him, and he is a spectator to others, so that he can fully experience life in order to grow in knowledge and in the feelings as he has been rewarded with.

23).Life is not a struggle, no school, no tragedy, it is a journey that can be experienced with joy.

24). What does not kill you today makes you stronger until it comes back to you to kill you. Are you afraid of my statement? You do not have ityou want to live a thousand years here and so, in the conditions you are complaining about most of the time.

25). Do not run away from loneliness so she will not run after you. 

26).Be good with people who are evil with you, and they will remember you were good to them when they want to be bad with you for the second time, and they will be good with you for the first time. Whatever you try to do, to take revenge and to be indifferent or anything else comes from your weakness and will cause you later inconvenience.

27). Do not try to be right in front of people at all costs. Leave the conflict zones or people who have repeatedly proven to you that they do not like you. 

Alberto Bacoi