How can you determine your prospects buy any sales?


"How can you determine your prospects to buy any sales?"

"Anyone who bought a drill ever, did not want a drill, wanted to make a hole."

"For this reason, if you want to sell drills, then you should promote information on how to make a hole - and NO drill information."

How does this sentence apply to our business?

Our product is not what we and most networkers think we are. People do not care about your opportunity. They just do not care.

Their goal in this life has never been to be a developer (distributor) in a network marketing business.

And then why does he wonder if he refuses you?

People just care about finding solutions to their problems. Whether this problem: means lack of money, or little time spent with family, or .... any other problem.

So what you have to do is position your opportunity as a solution to his problems ...

But you will have to overcome some obstacles in order to succeed successfully:

Obstacle # 1: You can not sell

Obstacle number 2: People hate selling something

Obstacle number 3: Rarely it will happen to you not to perceive yourself as a stranger, a simple salesman who tries to put his hand in his pocket.

The solution for these 3 obstacles is in the sentence above ...

"Anyone who bought a drill ever, did not want a drill, wanted to make a hole." - You did not start your network marketing business because you wanted a network marketing business.

"They wanted a hole" - Maybe you wanted more time or more money, etc

"For this reason, if you want to sell drills, then you should promote information on how to make a hole - and NO drill information."

People do not want your opportunity. They want the benefits I can get with her.

And attention, they do not like selling something! (they love to buy!)

So you have to learn how to make your prospects sell themselves the idea that your opportunity will help them achieve their goals.

The easiest way you can do this is to promote information on how to make a hole quickly, easily and inexpensively.

You will not directly promote your products and opportunity. That's what a seller does.

You will want to promote useful information for your prospects. That's what a consultant does.

Put yourself in the spot of your prospects for 1 minute and pretend to check your opportunity on the internet. Go to one of the search engines, like Google, and type in your company name - you'll notice that you'll find dozens of other distributor sites that promote the same company as you.

Will you call one of those distributors and join his business, or will you look for a leader who can offer you value and expertise?

Surely you will choose the leader.

Whether it is knowledgeable or not, that leader uses marketing by attraction. He has made some small changes in marketing, and he has thus separated himself from the group of distributors in his company, basically succeeded in inviting him to the world of prospect as well as a welcome guest.

Let me tell you a true story that will help you understand this concept very well.

I have a good friend, let's say, Valeriu, who has a travel agency and he has concluded contracts with several travel agencies - if he sends them clients, he makes a commission from each sale. Then Valeriu has created a Facebook page and a site. Every day, they search for and post information about the cheapest holidays in the most exotic locations in the world.

In less than two months, he has created a list of 10,000 prospects who want to be informed whenever he posts something about a new offer.

Facebook has already created a community of over 20,000 people who are following it and can hardly wait to see what it is.

You're probably wondering now, what is my friend and business with your network marketing business?

Actually, it has! Valeriu did not promote his agency, or specifically the other agencies, for his particular business - he offered his prospects the best deals - without the name of his business or his partners.

Do you realize what he did? Do you realize how smart she was, this guy?

Rather than position itself as a new travel agency in the multitude of other travel agencies. He has positioned itself as an EXPERT who offers help and guides others for free, which has created trust and a strong relationship with his prospects (his followers).

Basically, his message is: "I do not want your money, I want to help you first."

The final result?

It has overcome its competition - the other agencies are shocked what it has been able to do in such a short period of time.

The moral of this story is: When your audience is your prospect

I see that an expert who wants to help, and not a simple seller, will follow you and will come happy to you when it is the right time for them to buy. Experts do not need to keep speeches of selling and persuasion, and yet they will have a full list of people who are ready to buy from them when the time comes for them. So stop selling your business and start promoting your expertise and knowledge. (Whether you are talking about: the phone calls you make, the emails you send, the conferences / meetings you support etc. Everything you do and say will have to position yourself as an expert, as a leader can help prospectians reach their goals.) Because this is the only reason your prospects will follow you in your business. So, what kind of person are you? You are still one of the thousands of distributors who use the sites Do you just give him the opportunity (business) or give him something more, such as your leadership and mentor skills I hope I have been able to communicate very clearly the significance and importance of this strategy, because it will radically change your life and business if you implement it. You will sell more and you will recruit more partners than you can imagine, with 90% less effort. You will become the "wanted" instead of the "seeker," and one of the greatest benefits of this strategy is that you will not spend your time or money, buying prospects, or looking out and meeting people wrong.