"How to Turn Your Prospective Refusals into Profit"


If you ever had a prospectus that refused to join your business, you just will find out why this happened and obviously how to avoid happening.

The first thing we have to understand is the following:

Everyone on this planet takes a certain decision or acts in a certain way for two reasons:

- Either from the desire to avoid a pain, a problem

- Either from the desire to satisfy a pleasure, to achieve a goal

That's it ... So simple!

From the way you look, to the profession you follow, there are choices you have made, either to avoid an inconvenience or to satisfy your pleasure ...

And this is very important to know, for me and you, as network builders, because it will help us do our job (recruitment and promotion) more efficiently.

For example: When our prospecting refuses, it is because the wishes they imagine they could satisfy by starting this business are not stronger, bigger than the start-up costs of the business, and the pain that they Cause it to come out of the comfort zone.

What you can do to diminish the pain they perceive, starting this business is to emotionally enthuse you with images of what you can get.

You see, all purchasing decisions are based on emotions.

You bought your clothes, which you wear, because of how they make you feel. You chose exactly that car and not another, because it looks beautiful and makes you feel proud, or because it was not too expensive and made you feel like saving money, or because it helped you avoid the inconvenience of spending too much money on a car.

You started your network marketing business, because it gave you the hope that you could get more, or hope that someday you will be able to resign from a job you hate.

So if you want to recruit more and get fewer rejections, it's important to realize that choosing a business start is a decision based on emotion.

How to start a business could make your prospects feel better? How will it help them avoid inconvenience?

Once you have communicated the benefits that you can get starting the business that you promote, you will need to help them justify it and logically it is a good decision ... all people work the same way.

You bought that new BMW for how it makes you feel, but keep telling and telling the others that you bought it because it is a hybrid model and consumes very little and protects the environment. You started your business for how it made you feel that you could triple your revenue, but you logically justified that it is an opportunity at the beginning of the road and that you will work with a team with much experience in the field and with results.

But, great attention !!!

The idea of ​​starting the business with you must be theirs, not yours.

If you use shortcuts like that, I do not know what a great event full of emotions, or I do not know what a special place in your network, and it will take advantage of everything you recruit after it, to enthusiastically maximize your prospects and you are going to start in your business, immediately all these things will turn against you, when they will go through the state of enthusiasm, the emotional state on which they made the decision.

It's called "buyer's remorse" and it happens every time when a very good seller keeps the presentation in front of a person who does not know what he wants.

Again, we repeat, if you want to recruit a prospectus, make sure it's his idea to join your business, because as soon as he has time to digest the decision completely, he will commit and will be in your business, for long ago, that's exactly what you want from a business partner.

The most effective way to get someone to convince yourself is that it is a good idea to join you is to continue to promote your idea continually for a longer period of time.

People are different. Some will convince one day, two. Another will take weeks, even months.

What I want to emphasize is that it must be when they think it's right, so stop with the "pressure" or "enthusiasm" tactics and you'll get to recruit high-quality people.

Now ... everything we have talked about here is psychology and there are 6 key points in human nature, which it is very important to know to achieve the success that you want in your business.

Today I will talk to you about 3 of them. Above, I revealed the first one.

The second point - most people are lazy.

They will always: Better, faster and cheaper. Every time you manage to wrap or create a product or service that delivers the end result to someone else, withyou can safely sell that product or service. 

What I mean with this: Think of the pills to lose weight ... "You can eat whatever you want, and you will still lose weight if you take our pills." Also, most network builders they do not want to learn what marketing really means and how you can generate good prospects using the internet. They still prefer to buy prospect lists, or pay others to do it for them. I'm sure you got the idea ... The third key point - most people prefer to learn how to do something, rather than actually do it. Practically, they buy the hope of the result they could get, instead of actually working to achieve the result. You have certainly seen these examples, often in your business so far. 

How many partners do you have in the business that started and after that did nothing? The majority, is it? They fell into the emotional trap, which we talked about earlier, and then they experienced the "remorse of the buyer." Because they did not actually take a clear and irrevocable decision. 

They started on the basis of enthusiasm, and when the emotion vanished, the desire to become an entrepreneur evaporated. And the truth is that this will happen with 80% of your prospects and distributors. It is the 80/20 rule that we will not be able to Avoid most. The majority of people are lazy. They buy hope. They live with the feeling that success is something outside them and not inside them. If you do not come to the table with this knowledge, you will go bankrupt and you will quit faster than you can imagine. DAR! 

There is a way you can go back this situation in your favor and turn all these people into a profitable part of your business. Actually you really have to do that. You have no other choice because they represent 80% of your prospects. Now we know a little more about how we work as people ... what makes us buy and what makes us respond to a bid, now let's talk about a problem the great majority of network builders ... Profitability ... In fact, 9 out of 10 network builders will spend more than they will ever charge, which means that you are likely to be one of them 9 ... It's okay, I've been in this situation for almost 4 years. And it's almost like a status quo in this industry. 

Like a scar of struggle, worn by all who seek and are willing to face anything for their financial freedom. There will always be a price you will pay for your education. 

But I want to give you good news: there is a the very reason why most networkers do not make money and a very simple solution to this situation.