The history of many famous gemstones beginning with V-IV centuries BC is valued throughout the ages. With each turning point in history, every crisis is an unprecedented increase in the price of precious stones. Over the last decade, their value has increased significantly.

SOLIS is decades of experience of investing in jewelry.

Our experts work in many countries: USA, South Africa, Belgium, Australia, India, etc. For decades, we have accumulated the production, purchase and sales channels. We have the best gemologists and cutters that from untreated sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds are creating something worthy of the crown and scepter of the rulers. Our jewelry stones are worthy competitors to the stones from the exchanges Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, London, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Toronto, Bombay.

In fact, on many exchanges, we also have own sales channels.
SOLIS is a private business club of investors dealing with jewelry. The scope of our interests is huge. As staff we have combined the whole chain of "birth stones" as works of art: this intelligence, and diggers and gemologists, retailers, and cutters, and experts in sales. The history of each stone ends with a certificate and a sale to a customer through an auction or through recommendations. Sometimes through a good deal with exchanges.
But it is otherwise: customers can find us and we order for a specific stone. Now, our specialists look for a ready-made diamond or emerald on the exchanges or among the raw stones suitable to our jewelers gave him the necessary form, depth, color, and cut.
SOLIS tries to combine as many opportunities and pathways in the jewelry industry, as the share of investments in which investors are steadily increasing.

Why investing in precious stones is so attractive?

The answer is:

  • this is a reasonable risk diversification
  • the desire to balance your portfolio
  • stones not tied to the currency, nor to gold, which periodically loses its status of a safe-haven asset
  • do not depend on the political situation in the world
  • free from financial control
  • this is an opportunity to preserve and increase your capital in all conditions, while maintaining anonymity     


    SOLIS - investing in precious jewels in spite of everything...

    Marketing is designed for gradual but steady build-up of the deposit of the club members. Rate calculations were made on the following setup: increase your deposit, but so that the daily withdrawal amount was significant.
    As a result, analysts were able to combine short - and long-term ones prospects thus:

    Total profit shares:
    • 70% of income comes to a personal account. These funds can be directed to either output, to report on the deposit at your discretion
    • 30% of income is deducted for reinvestment. This means that the amount of your deposit increases, as well as the interest.

    Because of the credo of the club, SOLIS developed such a loyal program, therefore all investors could get profit.

    Diamonds are tears of happiness on your face. Diamond is a smile. SOLIS: we make people happy and bring smiles!

    That is why the threshold for entry is just $1 as the minimum amount for withdrawal is $1.

    SOLIS has 3 investment plans, available to everyone!