FREE online card!

 The digital card connects via NFC or QR

Soon advertising in TAXI 

This digital business card facilitates the way to transmit our personal data, or of our company, much easier. It is also a powerful marketing tool of us or our company. The digital card connects via NFC or QR Code to our phone and by a simple scan of it we can share our entire profile in just a few seconds. We can customize it to our liking. After receiving the card, you can connect it to your phone via NFC or QR Code and you will create an account with an email and a password to personalize it with your data. The advantage of this card is that you can enter in your profile in addition to personal data, and all Social Media profiles. You can also attach video presentation links, photos, or documents (pdf, word, excel, etc.). It is possible to distribute our card from our account (Share Profile) through different communication channels, if we do not have the card at we. The card is eco friendly and you only need one because it can always be reprogrammed with new details, in case you want to change the information on it. 

Free online and business card costs only 49.90 € / card + 9 € transport, because it will be delivered from Luxembourg by UPS to you after you order it. We also have a PRO version of the card with a subscription of 5 € / month for those who want to benefit from the maximum functionality of the card. In the PRO version, besides the fact that you can customize your profile more to your liking, you can also use the Analytics section where you can see the activity on your card. For other details I am at your disposal. 

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