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what is vibrational medicine?

Since 2004, LifeWave has helped people around the world reach their full potential. Our patented, proprietary health products help provide more energy and endurance, mental acuity, better sleep, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, faster wound healing and a general sense of youthful vitality. Our products help people reduce body fat and reduce pain. We believe that our transformative products and flexible business opportunities can help you approach every day with more strength, concentration, enthusiasm and passion. Because when you are the best, you experience the world differently and new possibilities open up around you. 

"If someone gives you a great opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes and then learn how to do it!" RICHARD BRANSON 

MBG policy of initial customer order. 90-day trial without problems! For LifeWave customers for the first time we offer an initial MBG order. This policy makes it possible for new customers to try 100% risk-free and hassle-free products for 90 days; no need to return empty sleeves or unused product. Only a customer's first order is eligible.

Vibrational medicine is an approach to diagnosing and treating the disease based on the idea that we are all unique energy systems. Using this approach, it is possible to diagnose different types of diseases. It is based on knowing the different frequencies of energy that can be measured coming from the human body. There are many examples of vibrational energy - sound, light, where radio, radiographs and microwaves are some of them. Vibrational medicine considers all forms of vibratory energy that contribute to the human energy system. From the perspective of quantum physics, the biochemical molecules that make up the physical body are also a form of vibrational energy. Albert Einstein was the one who came up with the famous E = mc2 theory that mathematically described how matter and energy are interloped and interchangeable; namely, that matter and energy are two different forms of the same thing. Cells contain molecules that are made up of even smaller components called atoms.

Einstein's theory was tested and proved at the atomic level. Therefore, at the atomic level it can be said that the human body is composed of different types of vibratory energy. The vibrational model Our cells and organs are supported by a variety of specialized energy distribution systems, fed by nutrients and oxygen, as well as a life force energy flow. This has long been recognized in Eastern healing, known as qi or prana. This energy can be improved or inhibited by various factors. In vibrational medicine some of the recognized factors responsible for the energy flow of the vital force are; our emotions, our behaviors, the way we relate to others and our conscious consciousness. Our emotions in this model are not just about the neuro-chemical reactions in the limbic system of the brain. They are also influenced by a larger spiritual energy field. Consequently, our reactions to life's events are not just recorded in our memory. Emotions also affect the body's seven major energy centers (chakras). They are responsible for our behavioral patterns, attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs. They are also responsible for the physiological problems associated with the nervous system that transmit messages through the body through electrical signals. Another aspect of the vibrational healing model is the recognition of the importance that spiritual energy plays. The spirit can be seen as a motivating force that animates the physical body. At the time of death it is said that our spirit goes on leaving the body behind. The physical body is the one that allows the spirit that lives in it to interact with other individuals, to have meaningful relationships, to learn and to create. Therefore, these experiences and the direct effect they have on your physiology through their effect on life force energy are the main focus of vibrational healing. The two major energy systems with which it works are the meridian system and the chakra system.

P.S. From time to time, my customers and distributors tell me how our Lifewave technology has helped them cope with major complications. What they did not expect, but often mention is that they also feel different emotionally and spiritually. The patch may sound crazy, but the results we see are out of this world. 

Brief description of the types of patches 

- X39: stem cell activator (knows everything like the other patches) 

- GLUTATHIONE: increases glutathione enzyme by 300% in one day 

- AEON: reduces inflammation and stress 

- ICEWAVE: promotes pain relief and "chi" energy flow

 - CARNOSINE: strengthening muscles and improving the energy of life 

- ENERGY ENHANCER: hardener, for endurance, chronic fatigue, fat burning energy (beta oxidation), energy increase of + 23% in 20 minutes 

- SILENT NIGHT: sleep enhancer, increases the level of melatonin hormones 

- ALAVIDA (patch, night conditioner, day nectar): skin regeneration, balances the hormonal system, immune system, sensory organs 

- SP6: reduces the craving for sweets, reduces the appetite 

- NIRVANA (patch and tablet): antidepressant, helps produce endorphins, happiness hormone

- ACULIFE: analgesic and anti-inflammatory for horses and large animals în mod regulat această întrebare de la utilizatorii noi. ⠀ 


Here you can register. You have 2 options. As a Starter Partner, with a License of $ 25 + other fees ($ 4.95), where you will occupy the position in the binary system, you can bring other partners, etc., with Bronze, Silver, etc. packages, from which you will earn in $, but not you will have the qualification points. The second option is to purchase one of the 6 packages, which also contain boxes with patches of your choice. You can also buy the packages after you see how the activity is going. 

 Especially when he finds out that there is nothing in the body of the patches. ⠀ There are no drugs. No chemicals. No plant extract. No essential oils. ⠀ NOTHING! ⠀ And how ??? ⠀ Inside the patches: - water - oxygen - glucose - vegetable amino acids ⠀ These components form NANO crystals. Nano Nano is very small. ⠀ Like a diamond that refracts light in many ways ... And is reflected with rays of green, red, blue and other colors ... ⠀ The crystals inside the patch also reflect light ... Just yours ... Because our heat is infrared light. ⠀ In each patch, the crystals are in a different shape. Therefore, the information I send to the body is different: - relieves pain, - reduces "false" appetite, - produces energy from fat deposits, - development of copper peptides and stem cell activation, - etc. ⠀ When a person is sick, the patches restore the FULL FUNCTION of the body and help fight the disease. ⠀ If a person is healthy, patches slow down the oxidation process, which means aging. The process of cell regeneration begins (renewed in a young state). And ... It reverses time. ⠀ He has lived for more than 100 years, saving an excellent physical shape, in the mouth of every scientist today. ⠀ While some people search ... Others spend millions on external "cosmetic" repairs. ⠀ LifeWave now offers a solution for rejuvenating the whole body in the form of patches with light therapy. ⠀ Do you want to keep your health and energy for 100 years? ⠀ 

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ACTIVATE YOUR OWN STEM CELLS We all hope to age gracefully so we can enjoy our later years full of energy, vitality and good health. But so often, with age, our bodies start to show signs that things just aren't as they used to be.
Our energy... skin... healing and recovery time... sleep... it all just seems to go downhill.Unless you're using LifeWave!
Since 2004, LifeWave has been delivering its amazing life-enhancing technology to people across the world, always helping the body do what it was designed to do, only better.And as it turns out... the best was yet to come!
David Schmidt, LifeWave's founder, creative force and world class inventor behind LifeWave technology, has recently achieved something in the field of regenerative science, with a single LifeWave patch, that researchers worldwide, spending years and billions of dollars... could not.Introducing LifeWave X39™... The world's first product ever to activate stem cells.
A true breakthrough in regenerative science that helps restore our bodies to a healthier, more youthful state, in a way no other product can.
The secret? By harnessing the power of LifeWave's patented phototherapy, X39™ uses light to elevate a copper peptide, GHK-Cu, proven to signal the activation of stem cells.
Think about it. These are the cells that generate and regenerate all the cells and structures of the human body. They're the building blocks for our organs, tissues, blood and immune system. They also serve as an internal repair system... everywhere. But as we age, stem cells become less effective, their ability to repair damaged tissue is reduced, they just can't keep up with what they were designed to do.
In fact by age 60, they've slowed dramatically. But all that changes when just one LifeWave X39™ Patch is placed anywhere on the body each day. Instead of older and less effective stem cells, X39™ supports the production of younger and healthier stem cells.
This amazing level of control over your vitality and well-being was simply not possible, let alone this easy, until now. And the best part?Like all LifeWave patches, X39™ is safe, non-invasive and incredibly cost-effective.
Backed by clinical studies, multiple patents and 20 years of development, X39 is so effective, it can influence everything about your body - how you look, feel, perform and heal. It's time you experienced the power of X39™.
If you'd been positioned on the inside when global brands like Apple, Uber, Amazon and others started growing rapidly, you'd be on top of the world today!
Now it's your turn. When it comes to regenerative, anti-aging science, stem cells are the future. And you, thanks to LifeWave, are at the forefront of it all.
Don't miss out. The LifeWave X39™ patch is an absolute breakthrough for your body and your business.
It puts you on the threshold of explosive growth in your business like no other product ever could.
And all you need to do is try it, share it with others and help us grow our global sales team ever bigger by sharing the LifeWave opportunity.
Now's the time. Live Long. Live well. Live Younger... Today!

"If someone gives you a great opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes and then learn how to do it!" RICHARD BRANSON 

LifeWave patches have always been loved by athletes across the globe. 

With so many professionals enjoying the benefits of LifeWave, we are now opening applications to our LifeWave Athlete Program. From Olympic Ski Medalists to Champion Riders, professional athletes have always been part of some exciting partnerships with LifeWave, and we are now ready to welcome some new sportspeople to the LifeWave family. Once an application has been submitted, athletes will be selected for sponsorship based on their overall performance and fit with the LifeWave brand*. 

HOW TO APPLYIf you know any professional athletes who could benefit from using LifeWave and would be interested in entering into a partnership with us, please download the application form HERE and submit to for global applications or for European specific applications for consideration. We are excited for new great sports partnerships!