The DXN business

Today I want to show you why I chose DXN and why it's worth thinking about a possible collaboration with this company.

When I searched for the right MLM company, I only thought about companies that have physical products, so companies that pay a sum of x for nothing and promise fast enrichment are out of the question.

An important factor for me was that the company had healthy consumer products, which they can sell both in the country and abroad.

Another important factor was the company's age on the market. Under no circumstances did I want to join a young company of 2-3 years, because it is known that most MLM companies are out of the market in no more than 5 years.

I wanted a company that is already officially on the Romanian market so I can buy products when I want, I also wanted the company to be present in as many countries as possible to build an international business.

And last but not least, we wanted the company to distribute its own products.

The most important thing, however, was to find a company that supports product sales and online networking, because I do not like to walk with the net to sell products or harass relatives and acquaintances to join my business.

Although I knew what I wanted, I was not sure there was an MLM company that would satisfy all the above criteria.

As today is a lot of online information, I started searching the internet.

Finally, I gave an ad about DXN, I visited the partner's site where I found the contact details of my current sponsor.

I contacted him and found out that the DXN company met all the criteria I had proposed.

The company leader, Mr. Kócsó László introduced Malaysia's DXN business to Europe and developed an online MLM system that is unique in the world and is totally lacking in traditional methods to build an MLM business.

It offers partner sites in even 20 languages, with an online store that can sell the company's products around the world and recruit business partners.

With a computer and internet connection I can work from home, or anywhere in the world and can build my DXN business.

I can tell you that I found the right MLM business, I work when I want, where I want, as much as I want, I like products, I enjoy them with pleasure, both me and my whole family.

By accessing the link below, you can watch two videos made with Mr. Kócsó László, the most successful network builder at DXN Europe and Dr. Dato Lim Siow Jin, chairman and founder of DXN Malaysia.

Donm Kócsó shows us from another perspective what is actually an MLM business and how we can build a successful business without harassing relatives and knowledge, and Mr. Dato talks about the secret behind DXN's success.