Most children think they will once again be rich, they will have a beautiful garden house and swimming pool. They will have extraordinary cars, maybe a yacht and a personal plane. They will travel around the world with their family and will be very rich.

Once they grow up they realize that life is not a dream, as they have imagined.

He has to work hard for the fulfillment of dreams, or most of the time for survival.

There are three kinds of people:

80% are fighting for survival, and do nothing to change anything.

15% take advantage of opportunities

5% enjoy life, direct money flow and dictate economic processes!

And the health concerns are three categories of people:

80% of them are indifferent - they have little pride in life. They do not care about health, they do nothing to prevent disease. They only trust the doctors and the medicines.

15% are trying to live healthy. They are the ones who go to the best doctors, take vitamins, do sports.

5% concentrate on disease prevention - take nutritional supplements, care for what they eat, prefer natural treatments and bio-nutrition.

Most people up to 40 years of age sacrifice their health to raise money, and after 40 years they sacrifice their money for health.

The wise man does not start to dig well when he is thirsty, but when he gives abundant springs!

Those who are sorry about the money spent on maintaining health do not count money spent in case of illness!

Statistics show that everyone in his life spends a certain amount on health, no one can save on that!

But he's not exactly what he spends on!

Only the disease can get sick, no health! Health must be maintained!

How do people try to get more money?

Most people save, work longer, learn more! Some try gambling and become the easy prey of pilot games, hoping for a quick and effortless enrichment. There are others who expect to get rich from bank interest, or start an ordinary business.

But 80% of businesses go bankrupt in no more than 3 years.

Is wealth the privilege of 5%?

Four categories of people were formed in society:

1. They do not have time - they do not have money - They are the majority of their employees.

They who sell their money for money.

They rely on the "safety" of the fixed salary and for this work for the good of others.

2. They have no money - but they have a lot of time. - They are the majority of the pensioners, the unemployed.

Those who did not prepare in time and only relied on the state pension. Or the unemployed who only think about social benefits.

3. They have money - but they do not have tim. - They're the majority of private entrepreneurs.

They have become their own employees, for everyday existence they have to work over their powers, rewards and money are more, but not always!

4. They have money and they have time too. - They build systems, networks, money works for them.

Winning money - in English making money - after Robert T. Kiyosaki is done in four ways, according to which employees, entrepreneurs are on the left, and the owners of companies, investors, on the right!

The CASHFLOW square shows why there are some who work less than others and yet earn more, pay less tax and live in greater material security.

The goal is to be among the investors, where the money already works for you.

But what do you need to start a successful business?

An extraordinary idea!

Investing in money and time!



In their absence, today 80% of entrepreneurs are bankrupt, after they can no longer cover their losses with loans!

Buyers' habits, claims, changing requirements and technology development all represent real proof for entrepreneurs and very few survive!

That's why a lot of entrepreneurs are wondering: Was that what I wanted when I became an entrepreneur?

What to do if you do not have:

No money

No diploma

No extraordinary ideas

No experience

No means

You Can Start an MLM Business!

Why is network marketing the best form of business?

Because anyone can do it, even by the service!

No need for qualification, diploma, no age limit!

No big investment is needed!

There are no winning limits!

For the work done once, commissions are received all the rest of the lives!

With less and less work, more and more money is being earned!

It can be built internationally!

Training in MLM companies also has an impact on other areas of life!

MLM businesses bring passive income and can be legally inheritance for children!

"I better benefit from a commission of 1% of the work of 100 people, than a 100% of the work of one man"

1). There is no shame in recognizing that chaos persists in your life and that you need clarification. People who notice this and take action in time are those people who often find that they are the support they needed.

Steve Jobs


Then you can read the full text of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios, to graduates from Standford University.



Are you dissatisfied with the results you have achieved so far in your network marketing business?



Based on the real statistics and real figures of the economy, it can clearly be said that in the biggest economic crisis, which has characterized the last few years, direct sales, network marketing networks have been steadily rising.



I think you agree with me that:

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