Through this program, we aim to provide participants with a healthy alternative to spending their free time, to stimulate children's creativity and their interest in working together. Some life skills or habits naturally develop into child behavior and thinking. On others, however, the little one has to teach them with your help and the life experiences they face. Do not miss a situation that gives you the chance to teach you a few lessons of life needed to fight for survival and success from maturity! We rediscover the joy of moving in nature, learning through game play and specific notions about protecting the environment and practicing sport in nature. 

The Baby Multisport Camp is taking place in a magnificent setting in Cornu de Jos, in Jud. Prahova. The Lycorn Villa offers modern accommodation, superb surroundings including lakes, forests, hills, mountains, the Olympic gymnasium and state-of-the-art sports facilities both indoor and outdoor.
Educational, cultural and fun activities will be unmatched in our summer camps. We have self-defense lessons, dental brushing, painting, nutrition, physical education, massage and psychology. Also every evening we have fun with karaoke, parties, cabin games, night hikes, videoproiector movie and watching pictures, filming made during the day.

Organizational Details:
- A group of up to 10 children will be supervised by a supervisor / animator
- The camp is all-inclusive, the participants do not need pocket money. In the price of the camp (250 EUR/ place purchased until 01.07.2018, and 300 EUR from 01.07.2018) are included the transport and taxes for the visited touristic objects, all the materials necessary for carrying out the activities and other materials: T-shirts, pictures indvidual and framed group photos and diplomas.


Baby Multisport summer camp
at Cornu de Jos / PH
Villa Lycorn 

29 July - 5 August 2018 / available seats 10
05-12 August 2018 / available places 10
12-19 August 2018 / Available places 10
19-26 August 2018 / available seats 10
August 26 - September 2, 2018 / Available seats 10

The reservation of a place in the camp can be done by sending the completed registration form by e-mail and by paying an advance of  50 EUR / child / camp and 40 EUR/ adult attendant in the account RO88BTRLRONCRT0226883401 opened at Banca Transilvania branch Campina LYCORN BUSINESS CONCEPT SRL



Low-priced places are limited.
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