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LifeWave Acupuncture Patches - The Revolution in Modern Phototherapy Needle-free acupuncture is a revolutionary new patented technology: acupuncture and pain points are stimulated using light frequencies (biophotons) - with amazing results: Stem cell activation Immune system strengthening Healing faster short-term memory Improves pain in minutes More energy and vitality throughout the day More athletic endurance and muscle strength A natural improvement in the quality and duration of sleep Anti-aging by detoxifying and regenerating body cells Appetite control No drugs, no substances chemical, no side effects! LifeWave patches are acupuncture products in the form of a 1x non-transdermal conductive patch (ie no substance enters the bodyLiveWaveio). This principle is used to gently stimulate acupuncture points, which have been used for millennia to balance and improve the body's energy flow. One of the most famous effects of LifeWave patches is the increase in electrical charge on the cell membrane.



Trustinvesting is a company specializing in cryptography management. 

We operate together in the most daring markets, with greater liquidity possibilities, offering our partners the opportunity to be part of this innovative world. 

OUR MISSION: To make the financial market a practical channel for people to invest and become partners in our benefit club.

 OUR VISION: To generate additional income for a larger number of people, through a commercial partnership on the financial market. 

OUR VALUES: To act with transparency, reliability and truthfulness, thus being able to collaborate with the development of humanity.