Why BuyTime is a holding company?

The organizational structure of BuyTime combines the holding's offices, partners and customers of the holding around the world; our goal is to create a huge network of offices across the globe.


Where is BuyTime holding registered?

BuyTime holding is registered in London. The holding customers' money is protected by the legislation of Great Britain 
How many years does the holding exist for?

How many years does the holding exist for?

BuyTime CEO Dmitrijs Lutovs and his partners, which are merged into one large and closed company in the media market, has existed and work successfully together for about 10 years. The media partners with which the holding company operates also have a significant niche in the media field and have existed for decades. The BuyTime media holding, which is now opened for the new partners, was founded on October 19, 2016 in London by Dmitrijs Lutovs. 

Who is the president of the holding?

Dmitrijs Lutovs is the President, CEO and the founder of the holding. In the near future, a Board of directors will be formed, each of whom will be responsible for specific countries and regions. 

Who are referrals?

Referrals are people who became clients of the holding company due to Your recommendation, by clicking on your referral link and becoming a part of Your team. The more people you can invite the more profit you will get! 

How and where can I get a referral link?

You will need a referral link in two cases. First, you want to join to Your leader's team. To do this, you need to ask your leader for his referral link, then You need to go through it and complete the registration process. In the second case - you want to form your team and become a leader by yourself. To do this, you need to purchase at least ''Basic'' media-portfolio. A referral link will appear in your personal cabinet in the ''Panel'' section.

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